Things We Hate

1.  Wallpaper…have you ever tried to remove it? This has just catapulted to number one as I am in the midst of trying to remove wallpaper that the evil people before us dedicated their lives to gluing

2.  CPR classes-I just hope to God I never have to save someone

3. People who are people people

4.  Credit Cards = Satan ( and no, we do not think that is an exaggeration)

5.  College Applications/Music School Auditions

6.  Cell Phone Contracts – total scam

7.  Butterflies – they’re the worst…

8. Parent PLUS loans – the hell that keeps on giving

9. New Bosses, New Jersey, New Zealand (threw that last one in there as I   just met someone from New Zealand and he was very obnoxious–I probably shouldn’t hate the whole country)

10. Gardening…that’s right.

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