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Box Wine Drinkers…Our Day Has Finally Come

Box of Wine pic

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to it. Today I address the name of this blog site: Life On A Box Wine Budget. Yes, it’s a little wordy. And, yes, after three and a half years of typing it, I STILL fumble on the keypad. But, my BWB partner and I agreed that it pretty much sums up our lives. An interesting turn of events has come into play, though, that could be a game-changer for box wines. What is it, you ask? Box wine is becoming socially acceptable. That’s right. Drinking from a box might not carry the stigma it used to. Which means…we Box Winers can now proudly dispense from that tap, unafraid of social backlash. Well, that might be overstating it a bit. But not much, actually. I recently came across some interesting articles praising the virtues of boxed wines, all of which included some of my standard brands. It was quite liberating as I always feared the disdain of fellow shoppers upon eyeing a box in my cart, hence the habit of burying it under other items. But NO MORE!! I can now walk with my head held high as I saunter the store aisles, although, honestly, I might still feel the need to tell the strangers I pass that, “Yes, it’s a respectable purchase now. I swear.” Okay, so it might take a while for me to feel completely confident… But, seriously, it’s not bad wine. I make this bold pronouncement as one who admittedly knows NOTHING about wine. Well, except that I did learn how to taste it correctly during a trip to Napa a few years ago. Something I like to make kind of a big deal about. Continue reading


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