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Welcome To My Home…Pardon The Dust Bunnies

Alright, folks…here it is:  today is June 27, 2012.  This date marks almost exactly six months since I  stuck my neck out with my very public New Years Resolution.  You regular readers of this post might remember in early January when I posted my rather ambitious resolution for the new year.  It wasn’t the usual litany of losing weight, going to the gym more, or any other pedestrian reform.  No, mine was a year-long project to get organized and scrub my house from top to bottom – every floor, every room, every closet, every cabinet.  No corner would be overlooked in my frenzy.  I was determined to create a completely dust-free, clutter-free home.  The goal I had set for myself was to simply be able to enjoy the Christmas holiday season when it rolls around again (which I’ve come to realize, happens at the same time every year – so why does it always come as such a surprise?).  Continue reading

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A Really Funny Guy…

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

Cover of "Blood on the Tracks"

Attention world,

It has come to my awareness that I may have given some of you people the wrong ideas about me. A person close to me told me that a person close to me said that some people close to me had some less than flattering ideas about who I am. I listened to what all of these close people had said and was, to say the least, flabbergasted. (Note to self: I do not use the word “flabbergasted” often enough. Try to work that into more conversations.)

As the world’s number one ambassador of myself, I feel that I should clear the air.

 I am unfriendly.

There are times in my life when I may seem unfriendly. I may look like I am doing my best Holden Caulfield impression, brooding off in the corner. The fact is I am not brooding. I am not even 100% certain what…

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I’m Stuck In An AOL Time Warp And I Don’t Care!

YES!  I admit it…I still have an AOL email address.  I get.  I’m a loser.  Now, leave me alone and stop snickering when I’m asked for it from various stores.  I’m usually torn about giving it.  In fact, way back when, I used to think, “No way am I giving you my personal, private email address.”  But, then I realized that, by refusing that method of communication, I was telling them I’d prefer to talk to them on the phone.  I figured out fast enough that was NOT what I preferred.  Plus, when stores ask for my email, it’s so I can get coupons and discounts.  Print them out at home.  At my leisure.  I’ve never been one to clip coupons from the newspaper.  Not because I haven’t tried.  But, it became so much work and I never had them with me when I needed them.  And, I’m pretty sure the rare times I remembered to bring them,  I could hear every person in line behind me sighing as I’d open my handy coupon holder to extract necessary clipped savings, only to be told that the item I plucked from the shelf was not the right size or brand or, showing me the small print, that I needed to buy six of them to get the seventh half-off. 

What I do like, though, is extra savings to be had from stores like Kohl’s, JC Penney, Barnes and Noble, Harry and David, Famous Footwear, etc.  So, yes, when asked, I quietly whisper my lame AOL email address.  I whisper, not because I care about the looks of disdain from the cool high school/college aged cashiers, but because my kids are horrified that I would just blurt it out without any care to their emotional well-being.   I mean, there may be people they know lurking about.  They have begged me for years to get a g-mail account.  To get with the times.  It’s not the nineties anymore, for God’s sake.  “I’ll set it up for you, Mom.  It’s easy.  It doesn’t cost anything.  Can’t you ever think of anyone besides yourself?”   But, I feel like I everyone I know has my AOL address (and as far as I know, have not “unfriended” me on Facebook or shunned me in public).  It just seems like such a hassle to change it.  And, besides, I have a feeling that AOL will make a comeback.   And THEN who will be the cool one, hmmmm??  I can see their eyes rolling.


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Could You Use A Miracle About Now?

I came across something a while back as I was paging through a great book called “Saintly Advice” (who couldn’t use some of that?) and it occurred to me that there are probably a lot of people out there now who might find some comfort in these words.  So, I decided to share it with you, along with my thoughts.  It is an intercessory prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague.

The story that accompanies this particular intercession is this:  A statue of the Infant Jesus wearing a long gown and holding a bird in his hand was carved sometime in the fourteenth century  It found its way to Prague where, in 1628, a young priest found the statue in the ruins after the Saxons and Swedes invaded.  He cleaned the sculpture and noticed that the Divine Infant’s hand needed repair, but he had neither the money nor the skill to do it.  He asked the Blessed Mother to help provide funds.  A man then passed by the church and fixed the statue’s hand, and great miracles were reported after the repair.  Because of its history, the Infant Jesus of Prague can be called upon when emergency funds are needed.  The prayer is as follows:

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