From Serving The People To Serving A Sentence

Well, former Governor Rod Blagojevich has just been sentenced to fourteen years in prison after being convicted on 18 counts of corruption.  Personally, I never liked the guy.  I always thought he was a slimy little weasel, but that’s just me.  Now, after his antics in and out of the courtroom, I know that he is an arrogant slimy little weasel.  But, despite evidence pointing to his enormous character flaws, he does seem to have a loyal following.  There are those who believe that, even though he may have been guilty of criminal activity, it certainly did not warrant the heavy sentence.  I mean, this IS Illinois, after all.  Then there is the camp that believes his only crime was his own gargantuan stupidity – while undeniable, is not against the law.  I have to say, though, if I were in his shoes, I think I’d rather be considered guilty of a crime rather than just being a moron. I mean, even the worst mafia boss is at least protrayed as a slick tough guy.  And, I’m sure there are probably some who think he is innocent of all charges and a victim of mean people who are out to get him, as the Governor has repeatedly decried over the last three years.  He appears to relish his victim status. 

I think what has been so astounding, though, has been his utter lack of accountability and colassal ego throughout the three year investigation and trial.  It wasn’t until he spoke before the judge TODAY, that he admitted any wrongdoing and even then, claimed he was not aware that his deeds were illegal.  He meant well.  So, we’re back to the “I admit to being stupid” defense.  This was an attempt to seek the court’s mercy. 

 I don’t mean to sound callous, but I think his kids will be better off with the imposed distance his sentence will provide.  My heart goes out to them because of the humiliation he has selfishly heaped upon them.  All those foul-mouthed tapes which were aired (featuring mom, as well) must have been mortifying to them, not to mention the national ridicule directed at him, as well as the entire state of Illinois because of him.  That kind of language is disgusting in itself, but to have both a mother and father who, apparently, use it as part of their daily vocabulary shows a terrible lack of class and parenting skills. 

Standing before the court, fifteen year old Amy,  beseeched Judge Zagel, saying she needs her dad in her life now and in the future – for those important moments in her life, if she gets into college or does not get into college.  What???  I really don’t think that she’s not going to get into a college and I also don’t think that financing a college education will present a hardship, considering her grandpa is the powerful and wealthy Alderman Richard Mell.  I’m quite sure that  they will have a much easier time paying for college than my husband and I, both non-felons by the way, have had for our four children for the last seven years (and we’re only half way through).  My heart goes out to those poor girls for having the misfortune to have been born into that family.  But, I understand that he is their father and, good or not, he’s the only one they have.  I get it.  I was a daddy’s girl myself.  But, I’m also confident that they will survive this terrible tragedy in their lives.  The real tragedy, though, is the fact that Dad was the one who brought this upon them.


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2 responses to “From Serving The People To Serving A Sentence

  1. I agree, still, what bothers me is so many are just as guilty and go free. Also many more have done more violent crimes and have been given shorter sentences.

    • Can’t argue with you. Unfortunately, there’s no real justice in this life. We have to know that the evil ones who get away will eventually pay the eternal price, and that it will be much worse than any prison can provide. Only then will true justice prevail.

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