Girl Meets Rollercoaster…A Classic Love Story

Are you into podcasts?? Check out my latest episode of Where Are My Glasses Podcast – it’s kind of an extension of my Box Wine Budget blog. I’m having a blast hosting this show and finding fun things to rant about. It’s so easy to listen to – the episodes are short and independent of each other so you can scroll through and choose an episode topic. Simply click on the link below to listen on the website or tap on the Podcast App on your smartphone, type in Where Are My Glasses in the search bar and listen from your phone! It just don’t get no easier n dat 😉
On today’s episode, Marilyn is joined by her daughter, Mary Kate, and they talk about the show “My Strange Addiction.” You won’t believe the crazy things some people are addicted to. It’s some wild stuff…eating rocks, snorting baby powder, and a woman in love with a rollercoaster. This is honestly one of our best episodes. Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes. Don’t forget to tell your friends!!!

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