Mother, Please Don’t Quote With A Martini In Your Hand

As I was watching one of my absolute, all-time favorite television shows the other night, I started thinking about something we, here at Box Wine, have said for years:  that we pretty much use our favorite TV shows and movies as a gauge to determine with whom we can and cannot be friends.

 “The Office” used to rank right up at the top of our priority viewing.  In fact, we decided, one year, to withhold dance lessons from our daughters (we could see the writing on the wall: they had no future in dance, especially since we  just kept signing them up for level one) because the session they would have been in, directly conflicted with “The Office”.  That was a no-brainer, really.  Unfortunately, that show has jumped the shark quite a while ago – I think when Jim and Pam got married and had a baby (the comedy death knell).  I have to admit, I haven’t given this current season a chance.  Maybe it has redeemed itself. 

Considering  that I have a very small circle of friends, I wondered, am I too discriminating?  Should I open my umbrella a bit wider?  Perhaps, be a bit more welcoming to those who wish entry?  Hmmm…something to think about, I suppose.  But, in truth, when someone takes on that bewildered look and says, “You know, I’ve tried to watch that show/movie and I just didn’t get it.”  Well, that coffin has pretty much been nailed shut.  Tightly. 

Besides shows that determine friendship possibilities, I also have a list of my “guilty pleasure” TV shows.  Looking at that list now, I realize they are all reality shows.  Probably why I feel so guilty.  Also, just so you know, these are not the only programs I limit myself to.  So, without further ado, I submit my list of friend-deciding television shows and movies.  Let me know what you think.  Or if you think I left something out. 

Top 7 Guilty Pleasure Television Shows:

7.  Snapped

6.  Who The Bleep Did I Marry?

5.  Dominick Dunne’s:  Power, Privilege and Justice

4.  Toddlers and Tiaras

3.  Housewives of (in descending order-that means the first one is best):  Orange County, Beverly Hills and New York

2. Million Dollar Listing

1.  Dance Moms


Top 7 Friendship-Determining  Shows/Movies…….bidumbidumbidumbidum…drumroll……………..

7.  30 Rock

6.  Home Movies

5.  The Larry Sanders Show

4.  Dexter

3.  Any Christopher Guest ensemble movie

2.  Modern Family



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