It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas

With Christmas approaching, Box Wine Budget would like to offer a gift that will be sure to bring a smile and sigh of relief to all of you who are planning on hosting family and friends.  It is a product we accidentally stumbled upon and immediately recognized an unmet need. 

Let me back up a bit.  Thanksgiving Day found my BWB partner hosting a family feast at her home.  As these days usually go, it started out quite festive.  Initially, appetizers were served as two turkeys were cooking (one traditionally roasting in the oven, the other deep-frying on the deck.  And, no, they did not burn down their house), the potatoes boiling, and a myriad of vegetables, rolls, etc being prepared for dinner.  After dinner, the dishes, silverware and pots were growing in the sink,  and dessert was served. 

Then came the awkward part of the evening.  Everyone was sitting around rubbing their extended bellies and remarking about how she had outdone herself.  But no one was making any moves to leave.  As one who annually has family over for Christmas, I commiserated with her on how exhausting the day can be.  Plus, there’s always the final clean-up still left waiting.  My husband always tells me to leave it for the morning, but that’s the last thing I want to be faced with when I enter the kitchen the next day.  And, I must admit, my family is always very helpful in the clean-up phase.  But, I think I’m my own worst enemy because I tell them, “No, just pile the dishes in the sink.  I’ll get to them later,” because I don’t want them to have to be working at my party.  (Sometimes, they ignore me and do it anyway.  They’re pretty great that way.) 

But, back to my friend.  Their dog, Wrigley, was let out to do his duty, and upon his return, it was obvious that he’d been sprayed by a skunk.  He absolutely reeked and, of course, proceeded directly into the family room to roll around on the carpet.  Anyone who has ever experienced this, knows that the stench spreads instantly throughout the house.   As awful as that sounds, though, an interesting thing happened.  Her house immediately emptied.  The guests tried to pretend they didn’t notice the odor, but soon gave in and made a hasty exit to their own non-skunk smelling homes.  Within a matter of minutes, everyone was gone. 

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  It’s not worth clearing out the house if you have to deal with a skunky dog.  But, here’s the beauty of our idea.  Just when you’ve reached you’re entertaining saturation point, simply light a “Guest Be Gone” scented candle.  Or, perhaps, a misty spray of “cologne” and sit back as your guests feign tiredness and thank you for a wonderful day.   We’re sure this will be a million dollar idea, as we head into the mother-lode of family entertaining.  So, enjoy the holidays, folks, and remember, if you notice that familiar scent as the day progresses, that’s your host’s not-so-subtle hint to scram.  Merry Christmas to all.

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