Desperately Seeking Don: My Skunk Stripe Is Back!!

I have not had “good hair” since high school and I am not going say how long ago that was! Throughout my adult life, I have been a professional salon hopper…..I don’t consider myself that picky especially when it comes to my hair, but I just could never find the right mix….a mix of someone who could work wonders with my frizz mop and not expect too much conversation while I sat there for two or more hours through the whole cut and color ordeal….also, when I am paying mega bucks at a salon it is because I am assuming my stylist is the professional and can tell me what would look good and what is a “miss”….I have found that most are too noncommittal and default back to “what do you have in mind?”. It doesn’t matter what I have in mind or if I like Jennifer Aniston’s new do…what matters is what is going to look good on me….well, did I ever meet my match!!!

I was going through my usual “I need to go to someone new” routine when I stumbled upon Don, who billed himself as the “makeover king”… I immediately called for an appointment; and after what turned out to be a 30 minute phone interview, Don decided he liked me and agreed to give me an appointment for the following Saturday. I was warned by him to not even be 1 minute late or he would not see me!! He also didn’t want me coming any earlier than my 10:00 am appt or he wouldn’t see me– I was to come at exactly 10:00 am. Now since every clock/ watch/iPhone/ipad I own has a variance as to what the actual time is, I was very nervous about getting the timing right and getting to actually see Don ….luckily, I hit it right on the button and my appointment was underway….

The first thing Don asked me was if I was happy with the “trailer park look” I had going on….somewhat insulted, I told him “no” and that was why I was there–for a new look….During my five hour appointment ( yes five hours) I learned a lot about Don…he was a former stripper and proudly showed me pictures from his stripper days ( have to admit that the diet plan he was trying to sell me on sure did work for him). He also shared some skin care tips of which one was to rub jock itch cream on my face ( once again, the guy had great skin…). He offered up some bra fitting tips as well and once he demonstrated the difference it would make, I had to agree that maybe he was right… We finally got to my hair; and he informed me that I was not to question him about the cut or color as he was going to be making all the decisions as it related to my hairstyle. He also said that I was not to talk to him while he worked . Just what I was looking for in a stylist but I was more than a little nervous…all I can say is that despite the insulting comments about my current hairstyle,  my bra-lift lesson , and the microscopic analysis of my skin and  ”why was I seemingly attached to the wrinkles and red spots on my face?”  ….I came to believe maybe he truly was a magician…My haircut and color was the best it had ever looked and he actually had my skin glowing with his “secret formula”   He quickly became someone I had to see every few weeks–as one of his clients, you had to follow what he told you exactly or he would cut you loose….(I showed up in sweats one time and he informed me I could not be in his salon looking like I had just cleaned out my garage and made me go home and change …)  I had to admit to myself, that everything he told me was having a positive effect and I started thinking ”what would Don think?” everytime I went to go out….I was getting compliments on my hair, my skin felt better and I think even the bra lesson was paying off with better posture and better fitting shirts…I was in a great rhythm   with Don–I had won his trust that I was following the program, so I was an official client which meant he would provide me with advice about every aspect of my life (and believe me when I say every aspect–he was part hairdresser, diet guru, dermatologist, fashion designer, decorator, psychiatrist, …had even done a stint as a marriage counselor back before his stripper days …)  I had become addicted to Don and then the unthinkable happened….

I was in for my monthly “consultation” and noticed that Don was a little “off”.  He shared with me that he had been in a long term relationship that had come to an abrupt end that past week-end and that he was leaving St Charles!!!  In fact , he would have left sooner but he honored the appointment he had with me “since he had never seen anyone who needed his help like I did”  As soon as my color was complete and my bra straps checked; he was heading out of Dodge…His truck was packed with all of his worldly belongings and he was never setting foot in St Charles again….He didn’t know where he was going but it was going to be far, far from here….Of course, I felt horribly for him and the devastating end of his relationship; but WHAT ABOUT ME AND MY HAIR???  HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO ME?????  

So here I am a few months later–with non-glowing skin, walking around in my sweats, not caring about my bra straps, and worst of all, a big white stripe down the middle of head where the last of Don’s color has grown out….I know I have to find a new colorist/stylist but when I do, I will be erasing what was left of Don’s magic touch….Wherefore art thou Don???    My “skunk stripe” on my head needs you!!

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