Coffee, Tea, or Salmonella?

Okay, so I was just going through my pantry in search of some inspiration for dinner in a desperate attempt to find a can of something – anything – that would scream “Make this – it will be DELICIOUS and your family will love you for a few more hours until their next feeding”.  I know that probably seems like a lot to ask from a can of green beans or chicken broth, but those of you who are the go-to guys for meals know what I’m talking about.  Anyway,  as I reached deep, deep into the abyss of the cabinet, I grabbed something I was sure would be a treasure.  Something that far back just had to hold promise, I hoped.  It turned out to be a can of refried beans which had expired long ago.  After an “Eeewww”, I thought, “Hmmm….I wonder if that was the only thing back there past its prime.”  Reaching again, I pulled out a can of  olives  and searched for the elusive date.  Interesting…another expired can.  Beginning to feel like the people featured on “Hoarders”, who always insist that food well past the stamped deadline is good and DON’T even think about throwing it out because I, I mean they,  might want to eat it someday, (not that “Hoarders” is in my auto DVR list or anything), I was suddenly on a mission to rid my pantry from the evils of salmonella, e-coli, trichinosis, tapeworm, Ebola, and every other possible scourge.  And, guess what?  My pantry is now a whole lot cleaner.  In an earlier blog, I spoke of my New Years Resolution to clear clutter from every cabinet, drawer and closet this year.  I can scratch this one off the list.  And that really feels good.  Now, what to make for dinner…

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