Horror, Valor…And Hope

Sept 11 plaque

I’ve seen many pictures honoring the brave men and women of 9/11, from the heroic first responders to the average citizens who immediately volunteered their services, but this one is probably my favorite. The other targets of the attacks are sometimes forgotten, but the stories of valor from the ordinary American citizens on those airplanes is truly astonishing and captures the American spirit. I’m proud to say I knew one of those civilians in New York that morning,  who rushed to offer his help where ever it was needed – an eighteen year old young man in his first year at NYU who witnessed the horror at the World Trade Center and, without hesitation, immediately organized fellow students to deliver water and any other need to the authorities. When news of his courageous actions reached home, we were so proud of him.  And, especially meaningful, is that his last name is Hope.  How fitting. We can never forget the tragic loss of innocent life on that horrible day.


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