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Jeepers, Creepers…Or Why I Joined Facebook

I decided to join Facebook for two reasons.  First, I wanted to have a link to my third son as he left for college.  Funny, I didn’t feel the need for the older ones…  The decision to send him to the University of Iowa to study music was a difficult one.  We were between Iowa and Illinois and, to be honest, every time we’d make a “pros” and “cons” list for the schools, Illinois always came out as the obvious, prudent  choice.  But, we sensed Peter was leaning towards Iowa and when he would tell us that he thought Illinois was the one, we knew it was because he was thinking more of our finances, which, hello….should be considered…than his true desire.  It was only when my husband said, “Peter, if money was absolutely  no object, where would you like to go?”  (these words spilled out of his mouth before I had time to fly across the room and kill him),  that he said “Iowa”.  So, the decision was made.  Our two older sons had attended and have since graduated from the University of Iowa, so we were well-acquainted with Iowa City and the Hawkeyes.  Our car could drive there on its own (and sometimes, I think it did).  But, Pete was studying music, and you can’t just transfer Universities if you’re in a music school.  So, the decision seemed permanent.  Of course, with that kind of unease, I thought I needed a little reassurance that he was happy and thriving at his new school. Continue reading

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