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Feel The Burn, Wet The Whistle

I hate to exercise.  There, I said it.  And I really hate fitness snobs in their cute little outfits who act so superior about their workout regimens.  Actually, the soreness that comes after a workout doesn’t usually bother me so much – in fact, it  kind of makes me feel proud of myself.  I think it’s the sweating that comes with working out that I really hate.  And, I’m never really sure where to fit a workout into my day.  Before work is out of the question.  I’m just not that dedicated and am quite sure I don’t want to be around other people who are at that hour.  But, I don’t want to do it after I’ve showered for the day, either.  My husband (one of those fitness types) will take several showers during the course of a day.  But, as I spoke of in a previous blog, the whole shower/shampoo thing is a major hassle to have to do more than once.

So, I usually meet my friend, Marge,  a couple of days a week in the late afternoon at a nearby fitness center.  Our exercise days are always Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless we absolutely cannot get together.  For instance, if she’s stuck at work or I have a family commitment or she has a hair appointment or it’s too cold outside or we got there and didn’t see the other’s car so we left or we’re just not in the mood.  And, no, we cannot work out alone.  No.  But, in our defense, we’ve actually come a long way since our first days of trying to get fit.

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