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Desperately Seeking Don: My Skunk Stripe Is Back!!

I have not had “good hair” since high school and I am not going say how long ago that was! Throughout my adult life, I have been a professional salon hopper…..I don’t consider myself that picky especially when it comes to my hair, but I just could never find the right mix….a mix of someone who could work wonders with my frizz mop and not expect too much conversation while I sat there for two or more hours through the whole cut and color ordeal….also, when I am paying mega bucks at a salon it is because I am assuming my stylist is the professional and can tell me what would look good and what is a “miss”….I have found that most are too noncommittal and default back to “what do you have in mind?”. It doesn’t matter what I have in mind or if I like Jennifer Aniston’s new do…what matters is what is going to look good on me….well, did I ever meet my match!!!

I was going through my usual “I need to go to someone new” routine when I stumbled upon Don, who billed himself as the “makeover king”… I immediately called for an appointment; and after what turned out to be a 30 minute phone interview, Don decided he liked me and agreed to give me an appointment for the following Saturday. I was warned by him to not even be 1 minute late or he would not see me!! He also didn’t want me coming any earlier than my 10:00 am appt or he wouldn’t see me– I was to come at exactly 10:00 am. Now since every clock/ watch/iPhone/ipad I own has a variance as to what the actual time is, I was very nervous about getting the timing right and getting to actually see Don ….luckily, I hit it right on the button and my appointment was underway…. Continue reading


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