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Truth Now: Is A Sparkly Tiara Too Much?

Help!  I need some guidance in Mother-of-the Groom protocol and etiquette!  My son and his fiance have set a September wedding date and have been working tirelessly to successfully plan and secure many of the necessary arrangements thus far.  I know, even when I planned my wedding twenty-six plus years ago, there were certain things that needed to be tended to immediately.  Most notably, the church and the hall.  Of course, there really wasn’t much more than that.  My dad, who was a Chicago Police Sergeant, knew another copper who dabbled in the bakery business, so the cake was a no-brainer.  He also knew another colleague who was an amateur videographer on the side, so that was wrapped up neatly.  My brother-in-law’s father managed a country club, and, voila, we had a hall!  And, I bought my dress off-the-rack for one hundred twenty-five dollars  Everything was so simple then.

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