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Why Did I Eat That?

Have you ever just completely pigged out on something and loved every second of it until you swallowed the last bite?  Then you think “Oh my God, I’m stuffed.”  I just did that.  Not sure why.  Think I was just looking for something to nibble on and since there is NO food in my house, I decided to cook one of those frozen dinner entrees.  They’re supposed to be for dinner.  And for more than one person.  But, seriously, we all know those serving sizes are so wrong.  I have to say, though, that while I thoroughly enjoyed it,  I’m now thinking I probably shouldn’t have done it.  But, it was really good.  But, I’m stuffed.  Sometimes when I do something like that I’ll ask myself, “Now was that worth getting fat over?”  Quite honestly, often the answer is YES.  And, even though I’m feeling a little gross right now, I have to say that it might have been worth getting fat over.  And the best news is that I have another bag in the freezer.


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