A Hairy Situation

I recently learned about a new product on the market – a dry hair shampoo.  Does anyone remember “Pssst”?  I’m pretty sure that was the name of a similar product back in the seventies.  That one didn’t last too long, but I understand this new version has real science to back up its claims.  The introduction of this product validates womens’ complaints for years about what a pain it is to wash our hair.  And I’m not just talking about waist-length hair, either.  Men don’t get it because, for the most part, their entire hair shampoo/style may take up to one minute. 

Women, on the other hand, have more hair to deal with.  Sorry, guys, it’s true.  The time it takes to wash, rinse, condition, rinse, dry, dry, dry, and, finally, style can be enormous .  Showering in the morning before work requires a couple of hours, if you want to be presentable to the outside world.  Which is why,often, women will shower at night before bed.  But, while that may free up a little time in the morning, it can also add more time on the styling end of the ritual.  Anyone who has done this, knows what I mean.  Your hair may be clean when you hit the pillow, but it undergoes some sort of bizarre restructuring during the night, resulting in a complete stranger looking back at you in the mirror, come morning. 

As I write this, I am getting ready to leave for work, showered, shampooed, dressed and with my hair pulled back with a clip and only partially dried,  because I just didn’t feel like spending the time I would have needed to style it.  More often than not, the effort isn’t even worth it.  After all the blow-drying and straightening, I still feel like I look like a frizzy-haired witch.  And then I end up pulling it back into a pony-tail or clip, anyway.   This morning, I decided to skip the fantasy of a good hair day and went straight for the clip. 

Women with long hair look  enviously at our short-haired friends, fantasizing about how quickly their morning routine must be.  And, sometimes, that’s true.  I’ve had great cuts in the past where the hair just falls right into the style.  But, I’ve also had short cuts that, without a lot of attention to detail, always seemed to have weird hairs sticking out, no matter how much I wetted it down or sprayed it.  At least, with longer hair, I have the option of pulling it back.

But, now, with this new product out there, I am filled with hope that I might be able to quickly hop in and out of a shower, sans shampooing, and still fool the world into thinking, “Hey, she washed her hair this morning”!

Am I alone in this wishful thinking?  Let me know what you think.

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