One Of Us…One Of Us…

ATT U-Verse is going to be the end of me.  I’m getting the word out now that if I’m found, unresponsive anywhere near the vicinity of my computer, check my pulse, because it’s very possible that U-Verse has killed me.  Or caused me to kill myself.  Either way, someone contact a lawyer to begin proceedings against the internet component of this bundle.  In all fairness, I have no complaint with the cable or home phone service they provide.  In fact, I’ll come right out and say that those parts of the package are doing an absolutely fine job.  It’s the elusive internet connection that is bringing me to the brink.  In fact, as I write this, my computer is telling me that there is no connectivity.  I’ve been dumb enough to believe it, but then, on a lark, I ignored the warning and dared to type in a web address, and….what do you know?  I’m online!  EVEN THOUGH IS STILL SAYS THAT THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION.  Scary, right?

So, this turn of events has started me thinking about weird things like…artificial intelligence.  I mean, could my laptop deliberately be deceiving me?  And, if so, what’s to stop it from communicating with other things in the house…like my clock-radio, which is situated dangerously close (now that I think about it) to me as I slumber?  Hmmmm?  How can I trust that my pre-set alarm will awaken me at the right time?  What’s next?  Will my trusty refrigerator develop an attitude and start  denying me entry?  Where will the madness end?  This is quickly becoming much bigger than anything I’ve ever imagined before.  I am envisioning a world taken over by the allure of iPads and the like, where people will be brainwashed with HTML codes, chanting mantras about gateways.  I need to go now.  I’m worried my coffee maker might want in on this and I need to stay on good terms with that appliance because I don’t want ANTHING  messing with my morning coffee.

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