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Bank Math…

"I'm glad you came in. You're behind on your getaway car payments."

Before we get started…just to let you know, I’m all about the fabulousness of Direct Deposit. I have it. My husband doesn’t. So, now that we got that out of the way…

Why is it that when a check is deposited into my bank account, it’s not available to me for 24 hours? Not even 24 human hours. Twenty-four BUSINESS hours. So a check deposited on a Saturday is treated as though it’s been deposited on the following Monday, which means it won’t be available until that following Tuesday. FOUR days after the deposit. Okay, I get that they need to know the check is good. I understand that. But, DAMN. That’s NINETY-SIX HUMAN HOURS. And ya know who NEVER, EVER, E-VER waits a “business” day to withdraw money from my account???? Our mortgage company, that’s who. And our Parent Loan servicers (PLUS LOANS – straight from the Satan himself – but that’s a post for another day). And any other automatic payment I have set up. That money gets SUCKED out as soon as the clock strikes midnight on D-Day (Due Date). So then, on top of having a negative balance in my account, I have FINES to pay, all the while seeing that “Pending Deposit” just sitting there, DOING NOTHING. Just smirking, like…Oh, you thought you had those payments covered?? Gosh, you’re cute. Yeah, sorry about that (SOOOO not sorry)



And don’t even get me started on holiday hours…

I hate bank math. But I still love using capital letters. They really make a written rant so much more satisfying.

bill murray

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One Of Us…One Of Us…

ATT U-Verse is going to be the end of me.  I’m getting the word out now that if I’m found, unresponsive anywhere near the vicinity of my computer, check my pulse, because it’s very possible that U-Verse has killed me.  Or caused me to kill myself.  Either way, someone contact a lawyer to begin proceedings against the internet component of this bundle.  In all fairness, I have no complaint with the cable or home phone service they provide.  In fact, I’ll come right out and say that those parts of the package are doing an absolutely fine job.  It’s the elusive internet connection that is bringing me to the brink.  In fact, as I write this, my computer is telling me that there is no connectivity.  I’ve been dumb enough to believe it, but then, on a lark, I ignored the warning and dared to type in a web address, and….what do you know?  I’m online!  EVEN THOUGH IS STILL SAYS THAT THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION.  Scary, right?

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