What Society Thinks I Do…

I absolutely love the memes depicting “What Society Thinks I Do.” Perhaps you’ve run across some of them. There seems to be one for just about every activity/profession and they are pretty funny. So, I thought I’d compile the ones that fit my family and that of my BWB partner, as well. Feel free to double-click on an image for a closer look. Sidenote: I could not locate a Dental Hygienist, so I went with Dentist, which sums up everything pretty accurately, except the first pic. Also, forgive the haphazard photo placement. It’s as good as I can do without my kids to help me. Enjoy…









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4 responses to “What Society Thinks I Do…

  1. I love these! How many perceptions there are about what a person does is amazing. I work for a company of over 150,000 employees and no one else has the job I do. My boss described me as an island in the middle of the ocean. It makes me sad sometimes that no one really knows what I do in the company(other than my boss). All they know is that they would never want to do it! That is ok with me because I love my job. Thanks for putting a funny spin on our jobs. I love your writing.

    • Thanks so much. I really appreciate your comments. You should google your job (or something as close as possible) with What Society Thinks I Do. At the very least, you’ll come across some really good ones! I couldn’t believe there wasn’t one for dental hygienist because we’re always the butt of jokes, but the dentist one was great. I showed it to the dentist I work with & she loved it. She wants to print it out & hang it in the office!!

  2. yourothermotherhere

    I like the musician one the best.

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