You, Too, Can Live The Dream For Free… But Only Today & Tomorrow…

Living The Dream Book CoverWell, today’s the day. What day, you ask? Well, since you asked…today’s the day that our book, Living The Dream On A Box Wine Budget (Casey Quinn, Petrina Collins, Amazon 2011) is being offered for  FREE download on Amazon. That’s right – FREE. Up until today, it was priced at a whopping $2.99. But, as part of a Kindle promotion, it is being offered free of charge for today and tomorrow only. As you can probably tell from the title, it was the seed for our Life On A Box Wine Budget blog and it is a collection of light, humorous essays depicting the absurdities of family life. As is the case with this blog, the stories in our book are taken straight from the actual lives of my BWB partner and myself, telling real stories about raising our kids and the struggle to stay sane through it all. We’re hoping that they will someday forgive us…

Just as our About page explains, we decided to launch this blog site because we thought we can’t possibly be the only normal ones in a crazy world (yes, we ARE the normal ones).  A world where it’s customary to host a Christmas party for your child’s SECOND GRADE class that rivals (or in my case, out-does) your own personal Christmas party. You know, the kind of party real people, I mean, ADULTS are invited to??? Can we possibly be alone in feeling that anxious knot in our collective stomach as we nervously plan a family vacation, knowing that disaster lurks around the corner?


“When two good friends realize they share a secret bond of suffocating debt, they embark on a sure-to-fail plan to rescue

their credit scores, involving a bit of larceny, the church collection plate, and a guarantee to land them behind bars. A large,

intimidating and, seemingly, omnipresent parish priest is all that stands in the way of their financial salvation. Join them as

they navigate their way through this and other tales of disastrous family trips, over-the-top classroom parties and pets that

won’t die. Humorous tales, taken straight from the pages of their real lives, are interwoven with moments of poignancy in

this collection of short essays. These stories are sure to resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the dread of

hearing a toilet flush, accompanied by a triumphant “Yes, it went down”! You know who you are…”


“But wait a minute…I don’t own a Kindle,” you may be saying. No worries. You don’t have to own a Kindle Reader to read a Kindle Book. Simply download the free Kindle app on your PC, Mac, or Smartphone and read for free! You can download the app for free, but the book will only be available for free today and tomorrow. That’s Oct 2 – Oct 3, 2013.

Living The Dream On A Box Wine Budget is an easy read that will tickle your funny bone and possibly touch a soft spot as we relive the moments of our lives. If you’ve ever been a parent, a child or any member of a family, we think you’ll sigh in relief as you discover that, no, you are not alone. You’re just like the weird Box Wine Budget people. Sorry…

Oh, and about the authors…we used pseudonyms. Pretty cool, huh?       🙂


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  1. That’s excellent, thanks for the tip!

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