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Family Vacations…Or How To Destroy Childhood Innocence In One Easy Lesson

This post was actually written by a friend of mine. She shares the hair-raising tale of Robert the Doll. Read on, if you dare…

kids-terrifiedMiriam-Webster defines the word “vacation” as a time of respite.  Jim and I have different definitions.  Well, actually, Jim is right on board with Webster’s definition.  He’s just not so sure we’ve ever accomplished that, probably due to my definition of the word.  I love to be scared.  I love scary movies, ghost stories and haunted houses.

Therefore, when we choose a vacation destination, aside from considering the more conventional tourist attractions – you know, sunny skies, white sand beaches, museums, water parks, historical landmarks, etc. – I always look up local lore and make sure that at least one attraction is guaranteed to result in sleepless nights.   So, naturally, when I planned a family trip to Key West, FL, it seemed, on its surface, to be a perfect spring break get-away.  What I didn’t tell anyone, though, is that Key West is considered to be the most haunted place in the United States.  I really scored big on that one, although it proved to be the last time my family would indulge my disturbing past-time. Continue reading

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Living The Dream…


Living The Dream Book CoverFirst, let me wish all of our Box Wine Budget friends a Happy Mother’s Day. Now, on to the more important matters of the day…me. I have the perfect gift idea for all of our selfless mothers out there: it’s immediate, inexpensive and will bring a smile to their faces. My BWB partner and I have co-authored a humorous look at family life entitled…you guessed it…Living The Dream On A Box Wine Budget. This blog was actually born from the book. Real stories taken from the pages of our lives will resonate with anyone who has ever parented, been parented or been a member of a family and bring a smile to your face. That should cover just about all of you. We’re confident you’ll either nod your head thinking, “I’m not alone” or recognize the good fortune in your own life as you read the mishaps in ours. Either way, you win.

Some of the topics covered:  Dog Court, pets, allergies, over the top classroom parties and family vacation nightmares. We had a lot of fun writing it and I’m pretty sure we succeeded wildly in embarrassing our children. It’s a quick read and guaranteed to make you chuckle at least once. And, the best part? It’s now available for download on Kindle & Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry & Android-based devices for only 0.99.  I mean, come ON…it’s 0.99 for goodness sake. Please don’t say you or your beloved mother aren’t worth 0.99. Seriously, do NOT go there. And it’s SO easy to do. Just visit http://www.amazon.com & search:  Living The Dream On A Box Wine Budget by Casey Quinn and Petrina Collins. Yes, those are psuedonyms (writer talk for pen names) and we chose names that were meaningful to us. Try to guess who’s who.


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The Sound Of Music (School Apps)… ARRGGHH

Four years ago  when my son, Peter was applying to music schools, I often remarked (okay, more like whined and complained incessantly) about the complicated nature of the application process.  Prior to his baptism into the whole college app world, I had managed (quite easily, actually) to launch his two older brothers off to college.  They both even transferred schools after their freshman year.  Piece of cake.  Enter Peter, and it was like I’d never visited a college website before.  That’s because, as my finance-major son, Mike, often reminded me, the sites I was attempting to navigate were music school sites, made up of music people and the brains of music people simply don’t work the way the rest of the world’s brains work.  That’s just a fact.  So, while these websites probably made perfect sense to the musically gifted, the rest of us normal people were left pulling our hair out.  The first test, I learned was this:  just trying to FIND the application

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