Cellll-A-Brate Good Times…

champagne uncorked picThis week marks the first time, in over twenty-six years, that I’ve experienced no kids in the house. And, let me tell you, it has been  FANTASTIC. I love my kids and all, but, OMG, it’s been SO nice to not have them around. I mean I’ve fantasized about this for many, many years. Yes, many, many. People would tell me, “Oh that’s what you think now, but just wait. You’ll miss your kids. You’ll miss the noise. It will be too quiet.” To which I respond, “Are you on drugs or something?”

It is impossible to be too quiet. In fact, my husband, who is slavishly working at his computer until the wee hours, desperately trying to finish tax returns before the dreaded upcoming deadline, is kind of making too much noise for me. It’s becoming more and more difficult to concentrate on my reality shows when I find myself continually needing to increase the volume of the television to drown out his sighing and moaning.

This small window into Life Without Kids is only temporary, though. My daughter will be returning home in two days from a spring-break trip to Florida. And in a few short weeks, her brother will be moving back home from school for the summer. With all his stuff. Unless, that is, he manages to get a job in Iowa City. I’m working on that now. Those are my babies. I’m working on the assumption that the older ones are gone for good – confident the married one has seen the last of his bedroom in the basement and my number two son might return home after finishing graduate school, but that won’t be for another year or so, according to my calculations. (I can just see him now dry-heaving at the thought)

But, I do see a light at the end of this tunnel when, come next fall, if all goes as planned, everyone will be safely tucked away in some sort of living quarters that is not here with me. The key word in that sentence is “away.”  Apartment… dorm…hostel…public housing…wherever, it won’t be at home. And, then, let the good times roll… But for now, I’ve just received a text requesting that I pay our U-Bill so my boy can continue his college studies without suffering the stigma of restricted privileges. Back to real life…fantasizing about the day my dog no longer lives with me. Another thing I’ve been thinking about for many, many years.


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4 responses to “Cellll-A-Brate Good Times…

  1. I am glad that you are enjoying your no kid time. You still have your husband so you are not totally alone. I am on the other side of the coin. I long to have my children come home from college. My husband died two years ago and when the kids are away I am alone unless you count our two dogs. Yes I like the peace and quite once in a while, but I am ever looking forward to summer so the kids will be home for a while. Enjoy your freedom while you have it. I like reading your blog very much.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I enjoy your blog too & wish you the very best with it. Of course I’m joking when I go on & on about wanting my kids gone, etc. Truth is, I’m kinda sad that my two older boys are gone, probably for good😢. It’s just I’ve never had any alone time-ever. And I so long for it. But you’re right-just for a while. I’m sorry for the loss of your husband, but I think it’s so great that you now have this great outlet to nurture your creative side. Keep writing 😊 Sent from my iPhone

  2. i know of what you speak, i have been an emply nester for a while now, and it is a whole other level of living~ at least you’ve had a taste of it – ps – love the name of your blog )

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