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Where Are My Glasses?? Oh Never Mind…


So, a few weeks ago, my son, Mike, texted me asking if I’d be interested in hosting a podcast. Naturally, I said…”Uhhhh…yeeeaah… When do I start?” He’s always had a creative, entrepreneurial spirit about him so a question like this didn’t surprise me. 

We immediately got to work and after a few business meetings regarding content, episode segment outlines and the how-to’s of using the microphone and most importantly, sending my recorded content through the mysterious invisible lines connecting our emails, we were set to go. He was a little nervous about my tech skills and his concerns soon proved to be valid after many failed attempts to email the files… 

“I thought you wrote down the steps of how to do this, Mom.” 

“I did. But it’s not working…” 

Turns out, I was the one that wasn’t working. But, I’ve gotten pretty good at it now, having recently aired our third episode, with the next one in the works. I swear, he’s a slave-driver.

The name of the podcast is a line my kids have grown up hearing me groan: Where are my glasses? And, more times than not…yeah, you called it…they’re on top of my head. So now, as I ask the eternal question, I do so while patting my head.
Mike’s thought was that the podcast would be like a recorded radio version of my blog. That is, pretty much me gabbing about whatever happens to be on my mind or going on in my life at the moment, with topics that listeners can to relate to. I’ve also included my daughter as a guest on the show, taking advantage of her being home from school on Christmas break. So far, I’ve received some very positive feedback with people responding that they’ve found themselves laughing out loud at some of my observations.

I would LOVE if you would give the podcast a listen and let me know what you think. And if you would be so kind as to leave a rating and/or review on the site, that would be AWESOME, as we are interested in listeners’ comments and very much want to keep it relevant. We also welcome your input for topic ideas.

And don’t forget to click on “SUBSCRIBE” – it’s FREE and there is no obligation. Subscribing helps us keep track of the number of downloads and will notify you of new episodes. Thank you, thank you and I hope to hear from you SOON!!!  đź™‚

Links to Where Are My Glasses Podcast:

WEBSITE: http://www.wherearemyglassespodcast.com

PODCAST APP ON SMART PHONE: Tap on the app and then type in the Search Bar:  Where are my glasses


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Summer, We Hardly Knew Ya


Well, it’s official. Summer bliss has ended. Well, at least the fantasy of summer bliss, which is probably the reason I’m extra depressed. Summer is over and there is NO question that we got a bum deal this year. The months of June and July were cold and rainy almost every day. Then came the oppressive heat. And suddenly, today is the first day of school for kids around here. SCHOOL PEOPLE!!! All we have left now to look forward to and keep spirits up is maybe two weeks of beautiful fall. That is, maybe fourteen days of crisp air, blue skies, and the intoxicating aroma of burning leaves all warmly engulfed in glorious autumn colors. But not fourteen consecutive days. Let’s not get crazy here. I might even be overly generous with that number. The fall offers a wonderful reprieve from the blistering heat and ungodly humidity of summer. But it is fleeting. I’ve learned to live in the moment on those magnificent days because those of us in the Midwest know what lies ahead… Cold darkness lasting about nine months. Yeah, that’s right. I’m not a winter person. I hate winter. I hate being cold. I hate driving in snow. I hate worrying about my kids driving in snowstorms. I hate shoveling snow. I know all you out-doorsy types are probably scoffing at me as you read this. You know who you are. All you snow-mobilers, cross-country skiers, and tobogganors. All you people who go on and on about how beautiful the snow is. Okay, I’ll concede that. After a storm, the pristine snow that blankets the ground and trees is gorgeous. But, that’s only if it happens on a weekend when we don’t have to actually be somewhere. When we don’t have to get the shovels out. And, let’s be honest. It’s only beautiful until the first car drives on the street. Then it quickly turns into dirty, slushy ick. Last March (yes…MARCH – when we dare to entertain thoughts of spring) my daughter tweeted: “If anyone throws a snowball at me, I will murder them”   That’s right, the shine of winter had definitely worn off by March. Continue reading

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It Seems All My Wildest Dreams Will Come True…

Mom_and_MoneyYou know, I’ve never considered myself  to be a lucky person. I’m not one of those people who always seems to win things. We all know someone like that and I’m sorry to say that I’ve never been “that guy.” But, it seems my luck has taken a well-deserved u-turn. I recently received an email from AGENT JOHN EDWARD (the caps seemed to be a really important part of his name) informing me of a windfall that fate has blown my way. In a post I published on 5/13/2013, Money Can’t Buy Me Love…But I’m OK With That, I related the exciting news from AGENT JOHN EDWARD who had received notice from the WHITE HOUSE with instructions from Homeland Security (apparently not cap-worthy) for release of $10,000,000,000 (TEN MILLION DOLLARS) to little ol’ me. It was imperative that I  contact him immediately, as it was URGENT. All I needed to do was simply offset the “TAX CLEARANCE LEVY” mandated by the IRS in order to authorize deposit into my bank account. I mean, how lucky can a girl get? Continue reading

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Dental Hygienists Take Your Breath Away…Just Agree & Nobody Gets Hurt

Evil dental hygienist pic

Okay, this is my rebuttal to a very funny blog I just read regarding the thought process of a dental patient. Funny thing about blogging, is that after I write one, I always feel pretty good about myself. And then comes the drought, where I start to panic because too much time has passed without a new post. The more I think about needing to write, the less inspired I feel. The stats on my site look like someone has flatlined, leading to more panic and less inspiration. And then…BAM…something falls right into my lap. Hence, the inspiration for today’s blog. Thanks to Sass and Balderdash, a great blog I follow, I couldn’t wait to get to my laptop and respond to her blog, which is posted just before this one.  At first, I was going to leave a comment gushing about how much I enjoyed it, but there was just too much to say, so…here goes my latest post: a point by point response by me (a dental hygienist) to, I think, the inner thoughts of every patient in my chair. Continue reading


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